Pandemic and Electric Bikes: Adapting To The New Normal?

The pandemic has altered the lives of so many people in so many ways around the world.

A lot of people and businesses have been affected - people lost their jobs while some were asked to work from home, students were asked to be homeschooled, and a lot of families are still grieving from the loss of their loved ones who were victims of the virus.
It still hasn’t stopped and we do not have a cure yet, but we can’t stay still.
We need to survive and keep going as the world regains its strength and lost routines. 

People need to run errands and more workplaces are asking their employees to report back to work that’s why we need to follow standard protocols to keep us safe.
Keeping distance and avoiding crowds doesn’t look very doable especially if you are commuting.
Millions of people use public transportation to go to places they have to be and it’s next to impossible to always keep that safe distance. 


The solution? Electric Bicycles. 

Yes, electronic bicycles or e-bikes are in the spotlight now.
E-bikes keep people mobile while maintaining the distance.
It makes running errands faster because you do not need to rely your time on when the next bus or train will arrive and you can have as many stops as you need.
With the travel that it can cover that’s ranging between 25 to 50 miles per charge, it is very convenient to have it as your daily means of transportation. 

Going to work doesn’t need to be so hassled and crowded anymore.
Manage your time with your pace and you’ll surely get to work on time.
If you are worried about being exhausted, e-bikes have been improved in so many aspects especially now.
Manufacturers have added more features to help people use it easily. One example would be the pedal assist.
If you have tried riding a regular bicycle, it can sometimes be hard to moving especially uphill but with pedal assist, you can keep your speed without that struggle compared to the regular bicycles.
Of course, not all e-bikes have the same features, but with a lot of options now, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. 

E-bikes are also great because it keeps you moving. It can bring you to places you need to be while keeping your body active. Don’t worry about sweating - yes, it’s part of it, but you can always opt to use the features of the e-bike.
With the advancements that the manufacturers and engineers developed, you might be overwhelmed by how e-bikes can make your daily routine easier - sometimes without even a sweat. 

Since you have reached this point, have you also noticed that these e-bikes do not cause pollution to the air?
E-bikes do not use gas, they run on batteries which are less expensive and can greatly help the world breathe fresher air every time to consider riding your e-bike. 

E-bikes may initially cost a reasonable sum, but you won’t have to spend another penny afterward if you know how to take care of your e-bike.
You will need to use electricity, of course, but the amount that you’re going to spend on that is far from what you need to pay for gas or commuting expense.


The pandemic has greatly affected a lot of people negatively but amidst it, a lot of families have been reunited, people slowed down, we were given the time we needed to appreciate the people and things around us, and the world has been given a chance to breathe.
Now that the world is slowly adapting to the new normal, may we be able to nurture and sustain the things that are around us.
It’s time to consider cost-effective, sustainable, and fossil-free materials. Let’s take part in taking care of the world.

Here are the best-selling bikes that we recommend


1. ReviBikes CHEETAH CAFÉ RACER 750W 48V


The Cheetah Cafe Racer 750W 48V Fat Tire Electric Bike made by ReviBikes is an incredibly comfortable and stylish cruiser style electric bike with plenty of power and range for those extended rides through the city.

This electric bike not only looks amazing but also performs well and is a true joy to ride.

ReviBikes Cheetah electric bicycle, the vintage style design with standard LED headlight makes it look like a café racer bike of the 70s.
The vintage headlight, with high beam & Low beam function and day-light indicator function, has an individual switch.



2. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle 250W 36V


EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle has a 250W Front Hub Drive Motor with a classically styled beach cruiser frame that provides maximum comfort and riding ease. 

An uncomplicated E-Bike, designed with simplicity as the goal with an alluring frame design reminiscent of classic cruiser bikes.
Tricycle is equipped with Shimano 7-Speed Cassette and TOURNEY TZ Derailleur.

Powering up EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle is 36V, 10.4Ah Battery, which will take you up to 20 MPH.

Eliminate all balance concerns and let your body relax on rides with the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle. 

Step-through the frame with ease, mount and dismount gracely without fear of falling or tipping over the bike. 



3. Emojo CADDY PRO 500W 48V


The Emojo Caddy Pro Trike 500W Heavy Duty Electric Cruiser Bike  is perfect for elderly and people with injuries or disabilities as it's comfort and accessibility is superior to other electric trikes. 

The trike features a front suspension fork, suspension seat posts, front tires and front and rear baskets.

The new 2020 Caddy Pro has a backrest seat upgrade and Hydraulic Tektro brakes allowing for a more comfortable ride.


Let us know your thoughts and questions you might have - our experienced customer service will make sure to provide you with all the necessary information before you make the right purchase. 

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