All About Fat Tire E-Bikes

There are lots of styles of electric bicycles - one of the most popular kind currently are the ones with fat tires.
I’m sure you’ve seen one before since a lot of people are starting to use them.
As you read on, you’ll understand what are the benefits and where's the fun in driving a fat tire e-bike.

Tire size makes the difference in cycling because wider tires make larger contact to the ground. Hence, allowing you to ride on more terrain.
Compared to thinner tires, fat-tire bikes give you more control in maneuvering and will probably cause you less risk in accidents.
Thinner tires tend to be affected by small obstacles on the road, unlike with fat tire bikes, there’s a high possibility you won’t even feel it. 

You can even ride your bike on snow, mud, or sand without worrying about balancing or sinking. You won’t even have to worry about riding it on wet surfaces amidst the chance of slipping.
Riding a fat tire electric bike gives the rider more control hence it’s safer compared to other bikes and you can ride it in any weather condition.

There are still some downsides, just like any other bikes, but with a lot of great features you can benefit from it, the downsides won’t matter that much anymore.
It’s a bit slower compared to regular bikes because the tires are heavier, but with the electric feature, you’d need less effort in using it. 

There’s a bike for everyone and if you think this is for you, then here are some of the best-sellers that we have for you.


1. ReviBikes CHEETAH CAFÉ RACER 750W 48V

The Cheetah Cafe Racer 750W 48V Fat Tire made by ReviBikes is an incredibly comfortable and stylish cruiser style electric bike with plenty of power and range for those extended rides through the city.
This electric bike not only looks amazing but also performs well and is truly a joy to ride.

ReviBikes Cheetah electric bicycle, the vintage style design with standard LED headlight makes it look like a café racer bike of the 70s.
The vintage headlight, with high beam & low beam function and day-light indicator function, has an individual switch.

Our vintage electric bike equipped with the Bafang 750W high torque brushless motor, the top speed arrives at 28 MPH.
With the Shimano 7 speed gear, you can choose any speed to complete your journey, and the perfect Tektro brakes fully protect your safety.
With the fat tire design, you can cross the snow or beach easily by riding this bike. The 48V 750W BAFANG High-speed gear motor peak output can reach over 1200W.

2. Eunorau FAT-HD 1000W 48V

The motor on the FAT-HD is really the focal point of the bike.
FAT-HD can produce an immense amount of torque and move the rider up very steep inclines without hesitation. 

The large motor is mounted in the center of the bike, keeping the weight very low and centralized; which is great for maintaining balance on uneven terrain.
The 1000W of power is simply phenomenal at catapulting the rider into the wind!

FAT-HD is rocking a 48v 15Ah battery which has the 48v pressure to keep the bike reaching high torque, but also has the 15Ah to maintain for a fair distance.
Internal cadence pedal assist is easy on the legs for riders with leg stress considerations, the pedal-assist levels control the top speed of the assist, which also caps the throttle at these same levels 500C LCD Display is easy to see, easy to use, and easy to understand.

Fat 4” KENDA juggernaut tires can maintain a grip on loose surfaces, such as snow, sand, mud, gravel, this is especially useful for off-road riding.

3. Eunorau FAT-HS 1000W 48V



The Eunorau Fat-HS is an all-terrain full suspension eMTB that is great for the adventurous person.

Take mountain trails with more power with the 1000W motor and ride longer with the 14Ah battery.
The fat tires allow for all-terrain riding and with the full suspension, you are sure to have a smoother ride.
The LCD display screen allows you to see battery level, PAS level, power level, and odometer while riding.

Nine levels of gearing give you more control with pedaling and hydraulic brakes give you smooth, quick stopping power.

The front LED headlight is great for safety and night time driving.

If you are looking for an eMTB that has a powerful motor that can help you up the hills then the Eunorau Fat-HS is the e-bike you are looking for.

 Check out all of our Fat-Tire e-bikes here:


Let us know your thoughts and questions you might have - our experienced customer service will make sure to provide you with all the necessary information before you make the right purchase. 

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