Bad Knees, Steep Hills And Exploring Outdoors: Are E-Bikes The Answer?

One of the primary uses for electric bikes is to allow the elderly and those who have experienced injuries to get exercise and explore outdoors while enjoying riding a bike.

E-bikes have proven to be one of the best ways to get exercise and to stay fit. Now, you can ride a bike even if you have bad knees, back problems, or other injuries.

E-bikes are a fantastic way of transportation to ride in hilly areas, provide you with some exercise and do it all while getting around without having to exert your body to its limit. 

E-bikes allow riders with medical conditions who may not be able to ride a standard bike the ability to enjoy that freedom once again. 

Bike riding is good for cardiac health, it tones up your leg muscles and helps you lose weight. 

If you’re thinking of purchasing an e-bike to help with your fitness goals while enjoying the amenities of an electric bike, then this article is for you - let's get into it!

Health benefits of riding an e-bike

Keeping yourself mobile helps your body in so many ways especially if you have just got knee surgery, knee replacement, leg surgery, arthritis - this is not just for seniors or veterans as younger people also experience this, or even have your knees, legs, or hips artificially replaced.

We all know that doctors suggest keeping yourself fit by exercising - the level of exercise, of course, depends on your situation or what your doctor has prescribed, however for knee problems - cycling is the best exercise. 

Cycling is an exercise that will not only help you get your health struggles better, but it can also bring you to places you need to be or just enjoy the view and fresh air while roaming around.

Explore outdoors, conquer hills, get your wheels on to steep heels, and just enjoy - these are just some of the things that you can do with your bicycle, but then again, not everyone can do it the same way as before. 
We age, get bad knees, experience accidents, encounter different illnesses, and a lot more things that humans experience in their lifetime, but these shouldn’t hinder us from enjoying the outdoors, from enjoying life. 
Hence, the birth of electric bikes.

E-Bikes have been so useful and helpful to a lot of people with different routines and physical capabilities. E-bike mechanics and engineers have manufactured a whole lot of e-bikes to cater to your needs with a goal to help people and help nature.
There’s got to be an e-bike for you. 

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Choosing the perfect e-bike for you

As for people with health struggles, the first thing that we would recommend is to check it with your doctor. 

If the doctor approves the use of an e-bike, here are the next things to consider when it comes to it: height, frame, motor, and comfort. 

For the frame, we highly suggest getting an e-bike with a swooping or ergonomic frame because these bikes usually have a very low step-through frame which makes it earlier to mount and dismount the bike. 

This comes hand in hand with the height of the bike as well although most bikes offer adjustable seats, we still recommend checking the lowest possible height. This is vital for your legs, knees, and back. 

You also need to make sure that your feet land flat on the pedals allowing you to have ample room not to extend it too much while pedaling or landing it on the ground when you stop. 

Next would be the motor - you don’t necessarily need a motor that runs the fastest speed.

15 - 20 miles an hour is already fast and that would be more than enough because even if you push the thumb throttle at its maximum, you can still easily control your speed. So the most powerful motor is not necessary
A 250-watt motor can run up to 15 miles and a 500-watt motor can run up to 20 miles per hour, but those numbers can increase if you use the pedal assist. Depending on how fast you can pedal, you can extend the speed up to 5-10 additional miles. 

Pedal assist and thumb throttle are the features of an e-bike that can really help you as you go. 

With pedal assist, you can use the bike as it is and move around or you can use it to assist you in peddling - making your speed faster as you pedal which means less strain on your joints and muscles. 

As for the throttle, you can use this as well to move just like the pedal-assist but it is using more electricity because your speed relies on how hard you push the throttle - no peddling is needed. This is useful when you are already exhausted and just want to rest your body or if you feel any pain in the parts of your body that needs attention.

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Riding an e-bike sure can be the answer to your health struggles, riding steep hills, and just getting “out there” again!

This can help you heal as you exercise, be fit, lose weight, and still enjoy the outdoors. 
Go outside and run errands, appear at places you need to be, meet with people, roam around, and just enjoy the outdoors, enjoy life. 
Don’t let your struggles hinder you from doing what you need and what you love. 

Conquer hills, conquer your fears, and live life to the fullest. 

Our recommendations

Here are some bikes that we recommend for you: 

Emojo CADDY PRO 500w 48v
emojo caddy pro 500w 48v electric tricycle
The Emojo Caddy Pro Trike 500W Heavy Duty Electric Cruiser Bike is perfect for the elderly and people with injuries or disabilities as its comfort and accessibility is superior to other electric trikes. 

It's the best in the game when it comes to e-trikes - there's no doubt about that.

The trike features a front suspension fork, suspension seat posts, front tires, and front and rear baskets.

The new 2020 Caddy Pro has a backrest seat upgrade and Hydraulic Tektro brakes allowing for a more comfortable ride.

The seating is great here, there is Promax suspension seat post with 40mm of travel, this pairs nicely with the rubber bumper comfort saddle from Velo.
A stable and heavy-duty electric trike that features a front suspension fork, suspension seat post, capable and comfortable fat tires, and a front and rear basket.


Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle 250W 36V


sixthreezero electric tricycle evryjourney 250w 36v


The EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle by Sixthreezero is a classy, stylish beach cruiser that is guaranteed to receive a lot of looks and positive comments from passers-by.

Eliminate all balance concerns and let your body relax while enjoying a ride on this electric trike.

The step-through frame is designed so you can mount and dismount from the electric tricycle with ease without worrying about tripping or falling.

Its ergonomic riding position keeps all major joints - shoulders, wrists, and knees positioned in a relaxed, tension-free position while riding - your body will thank you.



E-Wheels EV-29 500w 48v


e wheels ev 29 electric tricycle
The E-Wheels EV-29 500W 48V is an electric tricycle that can easily be operated by using its pedals or by twisting the hand throttle. 

With this electric tricycle, you won’t have to worry about losing balance - ride it at ease and comfort. 

This trike can reach up to 15 mph and travel up to 20 miles on a single charge - it has a powerful 500w motor and a 48v battery. 

You can use it in running errands or drive it to work without any hassle. 

The baskets in front and on the rear of the bike can be used to store your groceries, bags, parcels, even your pet/s if you want to stroll them around. 

How convenient is that?



Emojo PANTHER PRO 500w 48v
emojo panther pro
The step-thru design makes for easy mounting on and off and the position of the seat to the curved handlebars makes for a comfortable ride.

This stylish electric bike comes equipped with matching fenders, a back rack, and front and rear lights. 

The back rack is great for carrying your cargo and bags and the bike has a payload of 230 lbs.

The Panther Pro is a 500W motor electric bike cruiser that is both fun and functional to ride - Ride in style to the grocery store, work, or just for leisurely fun such as a day at the beach. 

The big 26” tires and front shocks make for a smoother ride and the Shimano 7-speed gearing gives you better pedal control and the hydraulic brakes allow you to stop quickly and smoothly. 

You can use the Pedal Assist or throttle when you need that extra push. 

The 500W motor and 10.4 Ah battery will give you the power and range needed to get around town. 

The Emojo Panther Pro is a great bike for anyone that is urban living, commuting to work, or someone who just wants to ride for leisure.


Micargi Lumia 250w 48v
micargi lumia electric bike
The Micargi LUMIA Step-Through Commuter Electric Bike is a Mid-Drive motor city bike that will get you around in style.

The 250 watt motor with a 36V battery is the perfect bike for commuting around the city.
The low entry frame is great for both males and females to allow easy on and off for a quick start.
The throttle has a pedal assist, which lets you cycle more intuitively as the power kicks in to match your level of pedaling.

On low pedal assist, you will get a range of up to 60 miles range.
The Lumia comes with fenders to help keep the dirt/mud off your clothes.

You can cycle in an upright position, as it follows a more vintage style of bike, great for people with lower back pain. 

Lumia also comes with a rear rack for carrying bags, groceries, or luggage.
You would need to strap it down though, so it doesn't fall off.


Let us know your thoughts and questions you might have - our experienced customer service will make sure to provide you with all the necessary information before you make the right purchase. 

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