Electric Bikes For Seniors & Everything You Need To Know



Do you remember the thrill of riding a bicycle as a child? 

Do you think those days are over, that riding a bike is too hard for you now at your more mature age?
Well, think again. 

Electric-powered bikes are revolutionizing cycling, especially tapping into the senior adults demographic, allowing seniors to ride longer, faster and with little or no pain. 

E-bikes, are one of the best things to happen in a long time for older adults. 

A good portion of our customers are elderly and our e-bikes have without a doubt made them feel healthier and more alive. 

Those who ride an e-bike for the first time often describe the experience as exhilarating, liberating, thrilling. 

They nearly always come back with a smile on their face.

Health Benefits

Riding an e-bike can have considerable health benefits for senior adults, helping roll back the aging process - it makes cycling possible for people with bad or sensitive knees, arthritis and other injuries.

While riding an e-bike may not be as intense a workout as riding a regular bike, it is still exercise and users are much more likely to want to ride (and ride longer and more often) because the e-bike experience is less painful and more enjoyable.

While regular bikes gather dust in the garage, e-bikes become a senior’s best friend and their ticket to fresh air and better health.


Riding an e-bike is one of the best forms of  low-impact exercise that is easy on joints. 

Cycling is also an excellent aerobic exercise, improving cardiovascular health and pumping more blood to the brain. 

The coordination and stimulation of riding also contribute to improving mood and fighting depression. 

Regular cycling helps you get the fresh air and sunshine you need for both physical and mental well being, not to mention the social benefits. 


For seniors who live in bike-friendly communities, e-bikes can become a regular means of transportation and not just something used for recreation.


Biking is healthy:
Bicycling is a low-impact aerobic activity that is easy on aging joints.

Various studies confirm that regular bike riding improves heart health, helps with weight loss, fights depression, tones muscles, and strengthens the brain.
For a detailed explanation of how cycling helps brain health, see this article from Bikemunk

Biking is safer:
Communities in all 50 states are building paved paths exclusively for bicyclists and pedestrians.

This includes nearly 24,000 miles of trails built from former railway beds, according to Rails-To-Trails Conservancy, and this is only a fraction of the total number of bike paths available.
Bike paths are just as popular in Canada and Europe. 

Bikes are better:
You can now find a variety of both two and three-wheel bicycles designed with seniors in mind.

These bikes are more advanced and better built than the ones we rode as kids.
We will show you the best types of bikes to ride later in this article. 

Biking is popular:
Seniors represent one of the fastest-growing population segments who are becoming regular cyclists, according to the
National Household Travel Survey

Visit any 55+ community or neighborhood bike trail and you will see plenty of your peer group out riding and having fun.

Biking is good for the environment:
The bicycle has gained new respect in North America, Europe and Asia as a serious alternative mode of transportations that is more environmentally friendly than cars, SUVs and trucks.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to use your bike to run errands or commute to work, leaving your car at home.

Choosing the perfect bike for you

Now, with all this information in mind, let us show you some of our best electric bikes for seniors, according to our customers:

Emojo CADDY PRO 500W 48V

The Emojo CADDY PRO 500W Heavy Duty Electric Cruiser Trike is perfect for elderly and people with injuries or disabilities as its comfort and accessibility is superior to other electric trikes.
It's the best in the game when it comes to e-trikes - there's no doubt about that, it's comfortable and stylish.

AmericanElectric VELLER 350W 36V

The VELLER 350W 36V Electric Cruiser Bicycle by AmericanElectric is a perfect solution if your knees are not allowing you a lot of room for movement, as the frame is very low made especially for this reason.
Tired of pedaling? No problem - VELLER now introduces a full twist throttle experience that can propel you up to 20 mph without the need to use your pedal assist.

Eunorau E-TORQUE 350W 36V

E-TORQUE 350W 36V Step-Thru Electric Bike is best suited for a casual rider, or regular commuter.
A casual rider would appreciate the price, as well as the comfort features that make cycling more relaxing and enjoyable. 
For the commuter, the bike is great for everyday trips on account of the included accessories: The rack, fenders, lights, and chain guard.


The Malibu Elite Max 36 Volt Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle is both the comfort and the stye - the big, soft seat along with the low, sturdy frame makes the bike very comfortable, while the basket (included free of charge) and the design makes it a very stylish cruiser to stroll around.

ReviBikes RUNABOUT 500W 48V

The Runabout 500W 48V Electric City Bike is a commuter electric bicycle designed for utility use - Perfect to ride to the grocery store and supermarket to do shopping and carrying things.
We re-designed the rear rack to make it fit a bigger basket and booster seat - You can load up to 60 lbs extra weight.
The max loading weight of this fat tire e-bike is 310lbs.
Front basket, rear rack, and fenders all included.


Let us know your thoughts and questions you might have - our experienced customer service will make sure to provide you with all the necessary information before you make the right purchase. 


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