Revi Cheetah eBike Review: What Our Customers are Saying

Revi Cheetah eBike Review: What Our Customers are Saying

If you're in the market for a new electric bike, the Revi Cheetah eBike is definitely worth a closer look. This innovative two-wheeler has been receiving high praise from our customers, who appreciate its speed, power, and versatility. In this article, we'll dive into the details of the Revi Cheetah eBike, and explore what makes it such a standout product in the crowded eBike market.

Design and Build Quality

One of the things that sets the Revi Cheetah eBike apart is its sleek and stylish design. This eBike is unlike any other on the market, with a unique look that is sure to turn heads wherever you ride. The Cheetah has very cool styling, everything from the gas tank inspired battery casing to the large steel headlight and elongated fork resemble a motorcycle and the big tires. This eBike is also fitted with quality components, such as Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 180mm Rotors and a high-torque 750 watt motor, that ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Incredible (Fast Eddie 09/09/2022)
"Awesome machine built well, change front sproket to 52 tooth, add three links to chain and now your talkin! you will park it right in front of you when your hangin out, just so you can look at it, get the big battery, a set of mirrors and just ride on!"

Performance and Features

The Revi Cheetah eBike is packed with features that make it a standout product in the eBike market. This bike is powered by a 750W motor that provides plenty of power. Powering the bike is one of two battery options, both rated at 48 volts. You can opt for the default pack, which offers 13 amp hours, or pay a bit more for the 17.5 amp hour pack to go further. The Cheetah also has a top speed of 28 mph, making it one of the fastest eBikes on the market. The display panel is large, bright, and easy to read and interpret in color vs. many others which are black and white grayscale. And with its integrated battery, you can enjoy a range of up to 50 miles on a single charge.

The Cheetah is also equipped with multiple riding modes, including eco, normal, and sport, that let you customize your ride to suit your needs.

Amazing Bike with great quality components (James Newton 06/28/2022)
"Great Commuter bike! Every morning I find myself exited to ride. Great feeling bike with easy on the eyes lines. I am impressed with this bike and Urban Ebikes. Quality communications and great customer service. I highly recommend Urban Ebikes and the Cheetah Cafe Racer. You will love this bike.
Quality Breaks, Great tires, comfortable seat with a lot of power for those hills. I am impressed with how comfortable this bike feels each day. Head light is bright, great display!
Pros: everything
Cons: None"

User Experience

One of the key selling points of the Revi Cheetah eBike is its Very Cool design. This eBike is clearly motorcycle inspired! This bike is easy to operate, with a simple control panel that makes it easy to switch between riding modes and adjust the power output. The Cheetah is also fitted with a comfortable saddle and handlebars, that provide a comfortable riding experience, even on long rides.

Awesome bike and amazing customer service! (Andrea Alvarez 11/07/2021)
"I was worried about a long delivery time due to current issues involving shipping and transportation. I bought this cheetah November 1 in late afternoon and the order was processed, shipped out, and arrived first thing November 4th. The box was in great condition. The bike took maybe 30 mins to assemble and it was good to go. I bought the bike during the Black Friday deal so it was a great price. I asked a few questions on chat before purchasing and urban ebikes was super quick to respond. Extremely helpful and professional and I would easily recommend anyone I know to shop here. Great price. Great product. Great service. Great shipping time. Idk if it could’ve gone any smoother!
About the cheetah. This thing has some pep! It says pedal assist but it’s like pedal activated throttle. You barely rotate the pedals and it takes off! It’s not assist, it’s like 99.9% assistance. It can be in 1st gear with practically 0 resistance and the motor activates and you’re at 25mph before you make 5 pedal rotations. The build quality, style, and power and all amazing. There’s definitely a lot of turned heads. Really, now my only worry is this is too amazing and desirable that I’ll be fighting people off with a stick. It’s almost too good. I guess that’s a good problem to have?!
Anyways, this whole experience was great and I feel like the least I can do is let others know I highly recommend urban ebikes and this revi cheetah. 100% satisfied!"

Price and Value

Given its impressive performance and user-friendly design, it's not surprising that the Revi Cheetah eBike comes with a higher price tag than some other eBikes on the market. However, many reviewers believe that this bike represents excellent value for money, given its quality build, speed, power, and range.

Fantastic e-bike, good value for money, stellar service from urban-ebikes (SV 09/09/2020)
"This is my second e-bike and when I started my search for my second e-bike it was hard to find a good bike with all the features one typically looks for less than $3000. And then I found the Revi Bike Cheetah. It's cooler looking than the other bikes I was looking at, had all the features I wanted - powerful battery (volts), 500 KWh, throttle, gears, fenders and rack option. Plus it was cheaper than the other "better known" e-bikes I was looking at! Not many bike stores (physical or virtual) carry the Revi Bike Cheetah but of the few options I had, I decided to buy it from Urban e-bikes. I was super impressed with the level of service: all queries and issues were promptly resolved and support was swift and stellar. It's been a fantastic experience all around!"


The Revi Cheetah eBike is a standout product in the eBike market, offering impressive power, and versatility. With its sleek design, quality components, and user-friendly features, this bike is sure to turn heads and provide a truly unforgettable riding experience. Whether you're commuting to work, exploring new trails, or just enjoying a leisurely ride, the Revi Cheetah eBike is the perfect choice.

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