Riding Your E-Bike in Winter - Everything You Need To Know (Tips and Tricks)

Whether you’re an electric bike owner or planning to be one, you could be thinking - can I ride my ebike in winter and if so, what should I do to prepare for it?

By following a few easy guidelines and tips we recommend in this article, you can make sure your e-bike is well prepared for winter and snow.

How to prepare your Electric Bicycle for winter?

When preparing your electric bike for winter you need to clean your e-bike regularly to protect it from rust, take care of the battery, use winter tires, and avoid going through slush, while riding, as well as make sure you stay warm while riding.

Winter comes with low temperatures and longer nights, but even then, an electric bike can still be a reliable means of transportation.
It’s no secret that riding an e-bike is great exercise and fun. Not to mention the sense of achievement you feel when you ride in the fresh air of winter.

The truth is, you can surely ride your electric bike through the winter months, as long as you follow the right precautions - we’re here to help you with that.
Let’s get to it! 

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Clean your ebike regularly

Riding in winter means your e-bike will get dirty because of the snow, sand, and gravel on the roads.
Sand and salt are used to melt the ice on the roads and make it safer to ride, however, it can be really bad for your e-bike - if not cleaned properly, salt can cause rust on your electric bike and you want to avoid that at all costs.
Keep your ebike clean by using a wet cloth to clean it after every winter drive you go on. It can be a hassle, we know, but if you want your e-bike to last long you’ll want to do this.

To prevent rust from catching up to your electric bike, you can also use products like Rust Check, which you should be able to get at most home supply or auto stores - use it to spray the exposed metal parts with it, however when spraying make sure to avoid electronic components.
Also, use a bicycle-specific lubricant to clean the chain - your local bike shop will be able to help you with it.
We recommend you clean your e-bike after every ride and check it regularly for rust.

Take good care of your battery

Your e-bike battery is the most important and sensitive part of your bike and you need to take special care of it if you want it to last long and serve you well.

First of all, it is okay to ride your e-bike in winter temperatures and use the battery to its full power, but there are a few things you need to know!

Always make sure that the battery is not kept in freezing temperatures for a long time and it is at a normal room temperature before you start to use it, otherwise, you could end up damaging the cells.
Do not try to warm it up quickly with a heater otherwise, you can easily damage the battery by doing so.
Also, you should know that it is normal to have less range and power when you’re out riding in the cold - that is perfectly fine.

In order not to damage the battery, while still being able to use your e-bike we simply recommend you store it inside whenever you are not using it so it constantly stays warm and is ready to go when you want to ride!

Use winter tires

The standard tires that your ebike comes with are usually made for warm weather conditions and perhaps not many people know this, but there are also specific electric bike tires made for winter conditions - just like with cars.
It is not completely necessary to switch the tires when winter comes, however, it will make a difference and you’ll be much safer to ride in snow and ice with proper studded winter tires.

Drive cautiously

One of the most fun things about riding in winter is you get to ride through the snow, which is super fun to do and is completely fine for your e-bike.
What we would NOT recommend is riding through the “slush” - the salty, wet snow will get into parts of your e-bike that are very difficult or impossible to clean, which will result in developing rust.
However, if you’re unable to avoid it, make sure to properly clean it once you’re done riding, as well as lubricate your chain and other sensitive metal parts.

Dress warm and safe

Anyone who participates in outdoor winter sports knows that the right gear is crucial. For winter e-biking, some must-haves include synthetic or wool base layers, a waterproof and breathable jacket, gloves, boots, a thin woolen hat that fits underneath your helmet, and visibility outerwear.

Anyone that has ever done any winter outdoor activities knows that the appropriate gear and clothing are crucial and necessary.
For e-biking in winter, what you need is a warm, waterproof jacket, gloves, good boots, a hat that keeps your head warm, perhaps a scarf and all of it should include some kind of a visibility element, like a reflector, since in winter it gets dark quickly and early.

If you have all this, you’ll be able to enjoy riding in winter to the fullest!

Tips for storing your e-bike in winter

If you decide to take a break from riding or just don’t want to ride your e-bike in winter, you will still need to store the e-bike somewhere.

Here are a few tips for storing your ebike safely:

  • Before storing, clean the e-bike thoroughly
  • Keep your battery inside partially charged
  • Check all wiring for damage, and replace anything that needs replacing for the next season
  • Lubricate the chain and other sensitive metal parts
  • Store your bike in a warm, dry place


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To sum it up - YES, it is possible and a great idea to try riding your electric bike in winter if you put in a little bit of effort in taking care of it after you’re done riding.
We hope that this information was helpful and you’ll use our tips and tricks to keep your ebike long-lasting throughout all the seasons.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can help you with by contacting us!

Happy riding!
Urban E-Bikes Team

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