Discover the Compelling Reasons: Why Buy An Electric Bike?

 We are living in the future! 

In all aspects, technology has improved our lives, whether we’re talking about medicine, renewable energy or new sporting ideas to keep us more active and more healthy… one of these changes is an electric bike. 

You may have already seen one of these rolling through the streets.

The question is - is it worth all the hype? 

Nicknamed ‘E-bike’ (also called power bike or booster bike), it might be the biggest adoption of green transportation of the decade. 

You may say ‘cycling is already green’, but it’s so much more than that..

E-bikes use rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 15 to 30 mph - much faster than most people would cycle, getting you to your destination quicker and in better shape. 

In a nutshell they offer low cost, energy efficient, and emission-free transportation which also has physical and health benefits. 



Here are 7 benefits that will remove all your doubts and make you think about purchasing an E-bike… prepare for the best ride of your life!



E-bikes have battery-powered “pedal assist”.

Technically, this is a machine integrated within the bike to give your pedalling a boost. 

This can reduce stress and impact on your knees and thighs - it makes it so much easier, which means you can say goodbye to sweaty rides. 

There are e-bikes that have specific boosting technology that can assist you to conquer hills and inclines, so you don't have to worry about any challenging terrain. 

People of all ages and health can ride flawlessly and for much longer with an e-bike. 

Longer rides mean more views and more possibilities for lunch stops!



This technology gives you the extra boost you need to cover miles of distance with very little effort. 

You can also still take advantage of the multi-purpose cycle lane and paths that are traffic free -  brilliant if you’re living in a city to slash your commute time. 

These are getting more and more popular in cities as governments urge people to give up their car. 

The bikes have been developed over the years and now look almost like a normal bike frame, with only the subtle ‘hum’ giving them away. 

Take advantage of the light form and durability of an E-bike without anyone being the wiser!



According to a study of scientists at Switzerland's University of Basel, riding an e-bike is just as good as regular bikes at improving fitness. 

Even though cycling with an e-bike is pedal assisted, it's still an exercise after all and therefore good for your health, both mentally and physically.

If you are more into fitness, there are customizable bikes suitable for exercise - try looking at and comparing these before purchasing.

Give this new technology a try!



If you use the e-bike instead of a motor vehicle it will save you tons of money in the long run. 

Petrol and diesel are costly in most countries, and occasional price surges can really impact your budget. 

While with e-bikes, you can buy affordable batteries which can last you 18-50 miles after a full charge depending on the level of assistance you use.

Be smart - save money.



We have all seen this in the sci-fi movies - Sleek and sexy vehicles, none of which look old, bulky or have jets of smoke coming out the back, un-futuristic transportation is no longer being made. 

The electric bike is on its way to being up there with its smart technology.

Considering that this invention will improve continuously over time, what we have now might be the prototype of this promising transport. 

Many countries in Southeast Asia took the lead in using E-bikes as a sustainable mode of transportation, and with the continuous rise of urban air pollution, there is a big future for E-bikes.

Be a visionary before your time!



Climate change and global warming are serious issues and we all need to play our part - now more than ever before.

We might be facing our last stand to save our dying earth, and we can all contribute to this.

E-bikes emit lower pollution per kilometer than motorcycles and cars. 

You can help by using an E-bike instead of a petrol or diesel car. 

They use energy with an average rate of 100 to 150 watts compared to 15,000 or so for a car.

As a result, this can help to improve air quality.



Cruising, beating traffic, riding mountains - you name it, we got it!

With technology, everything is almost possible, and as the marketability of bikes increases, companies produce a variety of designs that can accommodate your needs. 

If there isn't the perfect one out there right now, you can be pretty sure there will be soon.


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