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Sixthreezero EVRYjourney WOMEN'S FAT TIRE 500W 48V

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      Sixthreezero EVRYjourney WOMEN'S FAT TIRE 500W 48V Electric Touring Cruiser Bike
      with Rear Hub Drive Motor with an ergonomically designed frame for maximum comfort and riding ease.

      A beautifully styled electric bike perfect for the rider that wants to travel by two wheels but prefers a reduced work load on their body. Go beyond your farthest ridden distances, up those daunting hills, and into strong winds without requiring extreme strain on your joints and muscles.  Having the electric motor provides peace of mind knowing that if your body fatigues you have a backup power source to assist you. The smooth and simple electric motor reduces the muscle exertion required to power your two wheels. You decide the workout you get, leaving your body as fatigued as you want it to be after completing your ride. 

      The ultra comfortable ergonomic frame design keeps you in an upright, relaxed riding position reducing strain on your back, hip, shoulders and knees. Haven’t ridden a bike in a long time, the EVRYjourney Electric FAT Tire is perfect for you. The low swooping step-thru frame and forward pedaling design make mounting and dismounting this bike a snap. The forward pedaling design keeps you low to the ground, while still providing ample leg extension when pedaling. Being low to the ground makes stopping easy and safe, reducing risk of tipping over and making it simple to put your feet flat on the ground when stopping.

      The 500 Watt electric bike motor can be used in three ways when riding. Sweat it out and push your muscles, leave the motor off and let your legs provide the power like a traditional bicycle. Inspired to ride farther than you ever have but nervous you may not have enough energy to get home, set it to pedal assist and engage the motor only when you pedal.  Don’t want to feel an ounce of sweat pierce your skin, let the motor do all of the work by using the thumb throttle to move the bike entirely under the power of the motor. You just focus on the feel of the wind, the warmth of the sun on your face and the majesty of the surroundings you encounter on your ride. Perfect for the commute that was just a little too far, the ride that had just too many steep hills or for the everyday ride you want to enjoy a whole lot more.

      • 500 Watt Motor that functions either in pedal assist or full electric mode
      • Top Speed of 20mph with full electric and 28mph with pedal assist
      • 500 Watt Hour Battery that will take you 20 miles using full electric and 20 - 40 miles on pedal assist mode
      • 26-inch wheels with 4-inch semi-slick FAT tires provide excellent roll and a cushioned, stable ride
      • Front and rear disc hand brakes for easy and prompt stopping
      • Ultra comfortable ergonomic frame design keeps you in an upright, relaxed riding position reducing strain on your back, hip, shoulders and knees
      • Fits riders from 5 feet to 6 feet, 4 inches tall


      • Frame: 17.5" Aluminum Alloy Frame
      • Fork: Standard Steel Fork
      • Headset: 25.4mm Steel
      • Wheels: Aluminum Alloy 26" 36-Spoke 14G Rims, 3/8" Threading
      • Tires: 26"x4.00" Semi-Slick Fat Tires
      • Derailleurs: Rear: Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur TY300D 7-Speed
      • Shift Levers: Shimano Index Revo Shifter 7 Speed
      • Chain: 118L, 1/2" x 1/8"
      • Cassette: 18T Shimano Cassette
      • Crankset: 44T Steel Crank With 170mm Arm Length
      • Motor: 500 Watt Rear Hub Motor
      • Battery: 500W, 48V 10.4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery with Charger
      • Display: LCD Display with Speedometer, Power Meter, and Battery Charge
      • Controls: Throttle control and pedal assist modes.
      • Weight: 64.8 Lbs. Assembled With Battery

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      Alaska, and Hawaii are excluded, however the rate will be discounted by the maximum amount of shipping cost in the continental USA. Alaska and Hawaii customers please, note that sixthreezero Electric Bicycles are larger, heavier shipments and that will cost more to ship. Please contact us for a quote. 

      We will ship to home and office directly via FedEx. All Bicycles arrive 80% assembled in a box.

      Orders will generally ship within five business days and in most cases you will receive your order in about one week.




      We hold the same values with covering the shipping and making sure our customers who wish to return their product experience a smooth process, however we must limit the return window on these products due to the nature of electric-powered bicycles. Return Shipping will still be covered to and from you, the customer. If you have any questions prior to purchase, please don't hesitate to call us at (310) 982-2877 or email us at

      The 90-Day Return window will begin from the date your Electric Bicycle is delivered to your door. 



      A 1-year Standard Warranty is included with all sixthreezero bicycles when purchased new from, or any authorized retailer. 

      • This warranty is limited to 1 year from the date of purchase.
      • Proof of purchase will be required for any warranty claim with sixthreezero Bicycles.


      Please visit our PRODUCT REGISTRATION PAGE.


      • 30 Days, we cover everything 
      • 2 Years or 500 Charges on Battery, 2 years motor, 2 years controller, 2 years display
      • Lifetime on Steel Frame, 3 Years on Aluminum
      • Tires & Tubes not covered beyond 30 days
      • 2 years on all other components
      • Rust not covered by warranty
      • Defective tubes, only covered in first 30 days


      • Normal wear and tear
      • Improper assembly
      • Improper follow-up maintenance
      • Installation of components, parts, or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the bicycle as sold
      • Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect
      • Labor charges for part replacement or changeover
      • Bikes used for commercial activities, including those in rental, demo, or security fleets
      • This warranty is void in its entirety by any modification of the frame, fork, or components. This warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of a defective item, and said repair or replacement is the sole remedy of the warranty. This warranty extends from the date of the original purchase, is offered only to the original retail purchaser, and is not transferable. sixthreezero is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you. Any claim against this warranty must be made through an authorized dealer or distributor. Product registration and proof of purchase is required before a warranty claim may be processed. Claims made outside the country of purchase may be subject to fees and additional restrictions. Warranty duration and detail may differ by frame type and/or country. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and those rights may vary from place to place. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. The English version of the warranty shall prevail.

      Warranty covers only the first owner/purchaser, it is non-transferable and applies only to sixthreezero bicycles purchased through an authorized dealer.


      • Adding electric motor
      • Welding additional parts to the frame
      • Removing and changing the original chain
      • Changing primary gear and braking components, such as shifters, derailleurs, brake arms, and pedal crank
      • Any physical changes to the bicycle fork or frame that could compromise the factory welding. 
      • We love our bicycles and we are confident that they are great quality products.  We also care very much about our customers, so please exercise caution at all times when riding a sixthreezero bicycle.  It is the owner’s responsibility to inspect the bicycle before each and every ride and it is the owner’s responsibility to follow all standard bicycle safety precautions.  Please check your local laws regarding bicycle safety.  Always wear an ANSI approved safety helmet and always utilize proper lighting equipment when riding at night.  Reflectors alone are not enough.  Failure to use approved safety equipment could result in injury or death.


      If any product is subject to federal or state consumer warranty laws, our statement of limited warranty included with the product applies in place of these warranties.  Our warranty replaces any other warranty, expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.  Under no circumstances are we liable for third-party claims against you for losses or damages; including losses of or damages to records or data; consequential damage (including lost profits or savings) or incidental damages.  Purchaser agrees that the total of any and all liability, regardless of fault, shall be limited to the total of your bicycle purchase with Seller.  This limitation on warranty and liability is part of the terms of sale, constitutes a binding agreement and may be enforced against you.  The laws of the State of California shall govern this agreement.  The parties hereby agree that any dispute relating to the products sold hereunder shall be subject to the jurisdiction and venue of the courts of Los Angeles, California.